It Moves You Know – Book Teaser


A Little Back Story

How does one begin to care about water?  Water being something that is generally only thought about when one is thirsty or needs a wash. It is something that falls from the sky. So how does one begin to care about water enough to write a book on it?

Sometimes lifes projects come out of nowhere. Or more accurately seemingly so. This particular project was probably launched when Mr. Warner my highschool Earth Science teacher first mentioned that water may become an issue in the coming decades.

That idea sat in the back of my mind for years. Completely dormant and drowned out by all the usual business and distraction of being a young man. It was not until I picked up the book Consilience about two years ago that I was confronted with the reality of limited resources.

Consilience is not an environmental book. It is one of those intellectual adventures that scientists go for in response to the great mystery of life. Consilience is E.O. Wilsons attempt to synthesize all knowledge or at least provide suggestons on how to do so. It is a fascinating read and I highly recommend it.

The end of the book talks briefly about the sheer magnitude of effort and resources that are necessary to keep us all alive. The amount of water used for this enterprise was one of the topics and triggerd the memory of old Mr. Warner.

This came at a fortuitous time. That is if you consider the creation of a book fortuitous. I was looking for something to do. I knew that I had to do something. I’d spent too much time looking and studying and not enough time doing.

So I rememberd that I had always meant to write. Writing is something I consider myself to be good at. Words and ideas come with ease and coherence. Something that is more the result of having a love of reading instilled in me early rather than any inherent braininess.

Because writing came naturally and books didn’t have the utility of a V8 I began to view it as not quite a career. I needed to get a real job and build real skills. So I bounced about from oddjob to oddjob attempting to teach myself computer programming. Because things have to have utility you know.

This is why the discovery of the water issue was fortuitous. It was an issue that my skill could at least tackle a bit. It was an issue that had utility. Part of solving a problem is having a good grasp of it and that only comes from thinking. Writing being formalized thinking is perfect for the job.

So now I had a mission. I needed to find out about water, about how we use water, and all the problems that arise therefrom. Then I needed to write about it.

You are reading that mission.


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