Nine Strategies For Honest and Effective Communication


Strategies For Honest and Effective Communication

  1. Adrenaline Control (Even if you have a thought or an idea to share and want to really point it out because its gonna stick it to the ‘enemy’ and prove your case. Hold on. It won’t slip from your mind.) If you blurt it out due to fear of losing it then it may not come out as coherently as necessary.
  2. Remember to engage in fruitful discussions often for the sake of practice.
  3. Be corteous but don’t be a pushover. Be bold but not condescending or vicious. Be playful but not clownish.
  4. Understand that even when people behave maliciously it may not be personal. Even though it really feels that way. This really helps with adrenaline control.
  5. Be physically fit and get adequate rest regularly. This will help you be mentally sharp and emotionally stable. Something that is a requisite for critical thinking and engaging in debate.
  6. Understand why effective communication, debate, and dialogue are so necessary and integral to a free and open society.
  7. Know the common list of logical fallacies and weed them out of yourself to the best of your abilities. Point them out and diffuse them in others without condescension.
  8. Read and research always.
  9. LISTEN. Seriously that’s one of the biggest things in communicating. NO. It IS THE BIGGEST. LISTEN

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