Longterm Projects Are Good For You

It has been three years now since I launched myself on my Water Project.While it is far from complete due to the myriad duties and distractions of life I have been able to accomplish much.I read about three full length nonfiction books, took detailed notes, attmepted to write various essays, published and deleted YouTube videos, Debated a few folks about water use, and talked a lot about the project in hopes of using shame to motivate me in bringing my book and series to full fruition.

While all these things were interesting and healthy in their own right. there is another realization that has made itself more apparent with the passage of time.

That realization is that continuity is essential for psychological health and a rich life. It is far more important than money, romance, or fun. As I am vigorously throwing myself back into this project there are memories and realizations brought to life by the material I’m reviewing and the familiar beat of this project. It gives me a certain context, a certain sense of place that is essential for idea generation, and for feeling alive.

Having something stir you imagination, your mind, and your spirit simultaneously is rare indeed. It is very easy to become a wispy thing that gets depressed, or manic, or just simply experiences ennui if one does not have continuity.

By continuity, I here mean the flow of goals, the rhythm of life. The flow of goals sounds vaguely corporate, and not that it’s wrong to be corporate necessarily; but there is something beyond the hackneyed praises of diligence tha I wish to convey here.

There is something peculiar to human nature. Something in konwing that although things are rathermutab.le and you can’t hold on to them, that despite this, you must tend and you must cultivate.

You know deep down that, if the hunt is not complete, whether the hunt is real or metaphorical; then you and yours are lost. That is not to say that the world is merely about survival. Life is also about enjoyment.

I would argue that due to the peculiarites of human nature the best sort of enjoyment can only come by long term engagement with certain aspects of reality. Certain aspects that will be of different import, for different people, in different circumstances; but that which, once found must be loved and cultivated.

The result of this is a freedom. A freedom from nihilism, from ennui, from certain materialistic traps. It ennobles the material world by imbuing spirit through care for matter and for the faculties that facilitate that care.

The mind is not meant to function in a vaccum, long term projects, and the well developed sense of place and memory that arises therefrom is a veritable supernova of context and zest for life.

Go forth and commit!

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