Month: September 2017

The Archivist – Chapter Four

Chapters 1 – 3: The Archivist (Advisory: Salty Language, Adult Themes) Camilla The surface was smooth as it reflected dim lighting. Ted studied his features in this wooden mirror. He found it easier to examine himself than to try and make conversation with what… Continue Reading “The Archivist – Chapter Four”

Fractal Journal ~ Upload Schedule

TFJ – Upload Schedule Daily News articles, op-eds, and nonfiction daily at six pm EST Weekly New Short Stories or Short Story Fiction Chapters: Tuesday and Thursday (8 PM EST at the latest) New Oddit Podcasts Wednesday and Friday at noon EST Extras New… Continue Reading “Fractal Journal ~ Upload Schedule”

Oddit # 18 – wellOrwell? Technology and Freedom

Welcome to a new weekly bit of Oddit! I stumble across vaguely Orwellian things often these days. I feel they’re worth commenting on. Discuss!  

Oddit # 17 – Conversation is Everything

Life in a democratic republic and life itself depends on conversation. The innovations of science, the insights of philosophy, and general bon homme are all the result of exchanging ideas. Let’s make sure we do it well.

Oddit # 16 – Hot Air ~ The Missing Greenhouse Gas

I’m still figuring out the S8 Camera settings please bear with it. I felt it was time to start addressing some of the counterproductive things going on in terms of public discourse; and of course talk a bit about water.

Of News and our Digestion

Musings of a Hound The ‘ring of truth’ is still just an after effect… Or The case for print and excessive subtitles! The news often ruins my digestion. Not because it is bad news mind you. I’ve made peace with the fact that the… Continue Reading “Of News and our Digestion”

What’s Been Overcome

In my attempt to express how I think that we’ve forgotten all that we’ve overcome. An attempt spurred by the odd explosions of dumb passion from peasant to president. In this attempt I came away with something more like a poetic notion.  I rather… Continue Reading “What’s Been Overcome”

The Gentleman Defined

img src: An Exploratory Series The subtitle for my last post was: a gentleman complains. So what is a gentleman? Well traditionally a gentleman is someone whose family had money and thus could afford to fop about and look posh. That is not… Continue Reading “The Gentleman Defined”

Action is Cheap

A Gentleman Complains There’s a lot of talk. There’s always a lot of talk. Some of the talk oddly enough is about the fact that there’s too much talk. Which is funny because the ostentatiously busy are ever willing to pause and talk about… Continue Reading “Action is Cheap”

Rootless – (Book Teaser)

Advisory: Language, locker-room banter, Germans, tobacco use. Smoking is bad folks. Arthur Carter watched the fly. It’s translucent wings granted rainbow chromaticism by the glow of his monitor. In an instant the six legged nuisance was hovering inches from his face. “I see you… Continue Reading “Rootless – (Book Teaser)”