Content Creation – The Art and Ethic


I am still not entirely certain as to why I feel so abashed. I don’t want to write about my experiences. Even though one is told to write what one knows.

But I will let that reticence go now. There’s no reason not to share the philosophy behind what I am doing and why I am doing it.

I felt that it was bit too self involved. That the subjects people want to and need to read about are more broad and less localized. Things that happen on the macroscopic and not microscopic scale. Or more accurately the macro-cosmic and not microcosmic scale.

Yet do the two not inform each other? Is one not affected by the other? And what more interesting thing is there besides reality? The best stories no matter how wild usually have some deep root in real world phenomenon.

What more honest account of reality can be given than one’s own experiences recounted to the best of ones ability? Not only are these actual things which are happening in a time that is chronologically interesting to readers in this decade (and maybe decades to come); but they are things that are indicative of the state of the world at large. And if one must insist on externals they are informed by years of influence from classical literature, pop culture, philosophy, introspection, and great Michael Crichton thrillers.

There are shifts. Paradigms, would be the trendy plural of choice. These come from technology and unprecedented access to resources. They bring much boon and much misery.

Let’s look at film making and broadcasting. It used to be a very institutional thing. The costs of doing such a thing and the amount of equipment available regardless of money was prohibitive. So only people who were in the right place and at the right time and who were very serious about what they were doing had access to the means of media production.

Even the book (and that early predecessor to the blog), the pamphlet were tools reserved for a select few.

Yet now self publishing, producing vlogs, feature length films, and podcasts is easier than ever.

This leads to another trendy hisptery word. Namely: disruption.

I think it’s a good thing. Because of what I read in Michael Crichton’s autobiographical work Travels. Here’s how I remember it from all those years ago. It’s in there somewhere. Yes, in that book he recounts one of my favorite anecdotes. He was attending Harvard and found displeasure in one of his English classes. So he decided to do a bit of a trick. He handed in a Melville work as his own. Such an action didn’t receive the expected reprimand and potential expulsion that one would suspect. No it received a B -. Yes, Herman Melville would not have been an A student at Harvard in the 1960’s. Nor would he have been recognized as Melville a great author.

See that’s also the thing. People claim that education has declined. And it obviously has. But I think that education has never really guaranteed quality. The Melville story sealing it. Especially in the arts.

What I think matters most is the willingness to work hard and to hold yourself to objective standards. This will serve as a crucible for producing gold.

So yes disrupting industries that function on brownie points for running in this or that circle; or completing this or that training is a good thing.

But as with everything there is a downside.

Rampant amateurism is certainly an eye, ear, and soul sore. A market over saturated with authors, musicians, scholars, and folks of every stripe can often crush the spirit. How will I get noticed above the gold? How will I get noticed about the dreck?

Well, I think you will get noticed and a lot faster if you don’t worry about getting noticed. I am a firm believer of doing art or absolutely anything for arts or anythings sake.

Yes food on the table is important. But it will come if you keep going.

Here is why.

Saturation is just a wet and slick slip n slide to discovery. Basically people will mull over the good, the bad, and the ugly. We all have spare moments. We all have passions and we all browse.

Eventually you will be found and merit though it has often been buried does generally win out.

Yes, there may be some who like the writers of antiquity remain obscure until after their death. But today that is rare indeed. You see because of technology I really doubt that merit will go unnoticed.

Well I don’t doubt that merit will go unnoticed. I know that merit will go unnoticed if merit is merely a flicker or a one hit wonder. But with work ethic I am very confident that you will get noticed and eventually after learning some business skills materially rewarded.

Here is why. I am subscribed to many YouTube channels, I follow several blogs, and I am always reading new books, and looking for new films. I am doing so constantly. Because my favorites even the ones that are still living and producing can only produce so much. Production takes time. And in between the spaces of your competitors (I prefer to think of them as colleague) there you will find eyes, ears, and hearts ready to dance to your tune or to delve into you pages. I have paid for independent productions and have supported a podcaster with a monthly subscription. If you’re good and consistent folks like me; who are a lot like folks like you: Will support you.

So what is this all about? Well as you can see it is about encouragement. It is the introduction to a tale about how and why I decided to actively and diligently pursue content creation.

More to come soon….

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