Month: September 2017

Oddit # 15 – The Chesapeake Bay Story should be Common Knowledge

In this episode I discuss how hydrology should be common knowledge because of water’s central role in all our lives. I was very surprised by my own ignorance of the extent of pollution and the number of effects polluted water has on everything from… Continue Reading “Oddit # 15 – The Chesapeake Bay Story should be Common Knowledge”

Content Creation – The Art and Ethic

Introduction I am still not entirely certain as to why I feel so abashed. I don’t want to write about my experiences. Even though one is told to write what one knows. But I will let that reticence go now. There’s no reason not… Continue Reading “Content Creation – The Art and Ethic”

Oddit # 14 – Platform Ethics ~ Google, YouTube, and the Marketplace of Ideas

Companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are ubiquitous. They are ubiquitous to the point that they can almost be considered public utilities. These sites depend on user generated content to make money. As such their algorithms and practices should be set up to reward… Continue Reading “Oddit # 14 – Platform Ethics ~ Google, YouTube, and the Marketplace of Ideas”

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Op-Ed ~ Social Media, Privacy, Ethics and Alternatives

*This article is atypical of the journal and is an icebreaker between the Webmaster and audience. Disclaimers A real article on Social Media, it’s implications, and viable alternatives is forthcoming. This is merely the authors wish to extend an entertaining teaser using personal narrative.… Continue Reading “Op-Ed ~ Social Media, Privacy, Ethics and Alternatives”

Oddit # 13 – Surviving Amazon in the Internet Age

I am going to start making each little ‘podcast’ (going to upload them as audio files soon) as seperate posts. This is so as to make them more readily apparent to subscribers and wordpress browsers alike. Thanks for stopping by. An op-ed on business… Continue Reading “Oddit # 13 – Surviving Amazon in the Internet Age”