Month: October 2017

Forever Fluid – The Strange Case of Renewable Limits

This is an updated version of a draft for the introduction to my upcoming book: Forever Fluid – The Strange Case of Renewable Limits. © (Originally titled: ‘It Moves You Know’) I consider it copyrighted, as I plan to publish it, or a version… Continue Reading “Forever Fluid – The Strange Case of Renewable Limits”

A Defense of Journalism

There is some salty language briefly. It is included because it is how some people talk. Skip it if you’re offended. There’s lots of content here. Don’t Be Defensive I’m always going to remember sitting in my techie friends small office bedroom, on the… Continue Reading “A Defense of Journalism”

A Big To Do – Turning Ideas into Actions for The Indie Set

  Ever have a really great idea for a book, article, film, business or joke? Did you ever actually put it out there? Or was it more just casual conversation with friends, lot’s of dog-eared, half-finished manuscripts, and a vague sense of: ‘I’m gonna… Continue Reading “A Big To Do – Turning Ideas into Actions for The Indie Set”

Meta Mining

I was reviewing my latest Audity Podcast. I paused at the part where I talked about the USGS study from 2010. I paused because I realized that study happened almost eight years ago. Just a couple of years shy of a decade. I thought… Continue Reading “Meta Mining”

Audity Podcast # 4 – Talking Water, Terrible Angles, and some Music

Different Flavors of a Wave

On top of my refrigerator there is a fire extinguisher in a cardboard box. The side I just happened to glance at said something in Spanish about incidio. There was a picture of some onions on a chopping board in a nice kitchen. I… Continue Reading “Different Flavors of a Wave”

Crowded Souls

The feeling was headlong. It was like a vertical river rushing madly into some subterranean sea. That’s how I felt about the distance between her and I. It felt stupid. It was like I wanted to meld into the girl. The stupid stupid girl… Continue Reading “Crowded Souls”

Water ROI – Psychology, Environment, and Technology (PET)

This article is part four of a series. ROI Today – Are we productive? Applying ‘ROI Thinking’ to Environmental Questions ROI – The Water We Spend There is a dangerous delusion in the developed world. It is the delusion that we’ve engineered ourselves out… Continue Reading “Water ROI – Psychology, Environment, and Technology (PET)”

ROI – The Water We Spend

This article is part three of a series. ROI Today – Are we productive? Applying ‘ROI Thinking’ to Environmental Questions “People don’t have any idea that when they flip their light switches on or their air conditioner, there’s huge amounts of water involved,” said… Continue Reading “ROI – The Water We Spend”

Diversify your Portfolio

I suppose I’m a bit stuck on financial terms this week. Probably because they are good analogies for how the world functions. As such you can extrapolate insight into a lot of issues far outside the narrow field of bottom lines. When people hear… Continue Reading “Diversify your Portfolio”