The Archivist – Chapter Five (Pt. 1)


Flaherty was sleepy.

There he was again. The drunk or maybe junkie. The guy had that nondescript look. Worn jeans and a hooded sweatshirt.

He’d stopped by the fence the other day.

Casey figured he was Italian American. At least he looked and sounded Italian American. He’d tried to quiz the guy on his background but didn’t get anything but requests for directions.

Flaherty didn’t get paid enough for this sort of thing. He wouldn’t leave the warmth of the guard shack again.

The hoodie guy who Flaherty had simply decided to mentally refer to as Tony sat down cross legged on the road in front of the gate.

It was kind of weird but then again the guy was probably high and Casey didn’t get paid enough for this. He just continued browsing.

After half an hour went by Casey Flaherty was beginning to get the creeps.

There was one thing Casey hated more than the cold and that was being spooked. It made him mad.

He burst out of the guard shack slamming the door all the way open against the corrugated metal.

“Hey! Hey Tony what the hell! Buddy I dunno what you’re getting at but you’re gonna need to move along.” He yelled approaching the gate.

The brown eyes beneath the shoulder length hair were just calmly regarding what was directly ahead of them.

“Look buddy if you wanna escape reality do it somewhere else…” Flaherty growled as he opened the gate.

Tony was motionless.

“I’ve had enough of this creepy shit,” the guard muttered under his breath as he approached the vagrant.

“Hey buddy knock it off will ya, I’m just tryin’ to finish up my shift here and I don’t need any shenanigans.”

“I was lonely dude. I didn’t know what else to do. My uncle kicked me out after he got wind that I was AWOL”

“Look I got sob stories too, ones that can make paraplegic orphans feel lucky, but I don’t go around acting like a freak.”

Tony just stared. Jesus this was annoying. Flaherty kinda liked the guy and didn’t wanna rough him up.

“Alright, look my friend… here’s a twenty now go get yourself a beer and find a shelter. In fact I think St. Martha’s has one. If you go there ask for Sister Nora. Tell her Casey sent ya. She’s my cousin and loves helping sad little shits like you. Now scram.”

There were a few tense moments and Casey breathed a sigh of relief as the stocky WOP rose and smiled.

“Thanks dude.” Tony turned around and walked towards town.

Casey made sure that he saw the weirdo disappear completely over the horizon before he turned around.

All the lights in the compound were turned off.

“Motherfucker…” Flaherty was very very angry.

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