Different Flavors of a Wave

Image result for fractal wave

On top of my refrigerator there is a fire extinguisher in a cardboard box. The side I just happened to glance at said something in Spanish about incidio. There was a picture of some onions on a chopping board in a nice kitchen.

I just kind of looked at it for a bit.

I’d been playing guitar. Music isn’t my native medium or. But it is a modality for experience.

As I was looking at the onion on the chopping board I was thinking about how I interface with reality.

How my wordy writer’s brain creates thematic stories interlacing facts, ideas, memories, and feelings in a very ready way.

I’d mused on this many times. Though if pressed, I wouldn’t be able to say if it was before, or after I heard Terrence McKenna speak about seers and readers; that I formalized my ideas about the endless Eden of immortal perception.

Thanks to the availability of instruments, books, and teachers I’ve been able to take the child’s interest of dabbling in everything just a tad further. So I know what it is to slip between modalities of perception purposefully.

I have to pause here to say that I am not attempting to make any sort of veiled boast. I was just very fortunate to be in a time and place where my energies found fertile fields. Where I could learn to surf the ‘great whatever’ in more ways than just one.

What I observed there, as I watched myself observing, was the variable nature of the wave. I would say waves but many waves can really be thought of as one grand wave. If one is aware, becomes aware, or stumbles on awareness of the various ripples of the wave, he can see that we are each sitting (or choosing to sit) on any given one.

I for instance am currently sloshing about between my native intake method of word wise ‘post hoc’ integration and the foreign instrument of wrapping round life with sounds.

I guess what I am getting at is that life is infinitely interesting because within each wave there is a wave. If you get weary of looking at ‘familiar faces, worn out places’ try reading them instead.

Or use somebody’s smile to compose a melody.

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