Meta Mining

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I was reviewing my latest Audity Podcast.

I paused at the part where I talked about the USGS study from 2010.

I paused because I realized that study happened almost eight years ago.

Just a couple of years shy of a decade.

I thought about all that had happened to me since 2010. All that had happened in the world.

All the changes in pace and technology and experience.

I noticed, as I noticed this, that the video was paused at a bend in the river.

I thought what a perfect metaphor for the nature of life; to eternally spring out of sight, into view, and disappear somewhere behind your pupils, till you repaint it over new bends.

2010 was the past, which was familiar but now obscured by a bend that I’d already passed. The present shoreline was very much now, it had the feeling of ‘nowness,’ of that ‘pesent-hood’ that makes itself apparent through the twin teasing of past and future.

I though to myself as I realized all this and as I am writing this now: How very odd that such a perfect confluence would occur.

Such overlay of mundane information to form this multifaceted impression.

Most fortuitous. Most uncanny. How information integrates in the Meta Mine of Multimedia.

Even in the modern.

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