Month: November 2017

The DOD’s Position on your Beerbelly

                                                                                        … Continue Reading “The DOD’s Position on your Beerbelly”

TAP # 8 – Procrastinating Writer – Stray Thoughts on Craftsmanship

Partially just a way to say that it’s ok to be dorky and amateurish. And partially the introduction of another concept. I’ve done various versions of the idea that: ‘learning music and math is good for everyone — because it builds discipline.’ This one… Continue Reading “TAP # 8 – Procrastinating Writer – Stray Thoughts on Craftsmanship”

TAP # 7 – Time Management in a Post Industrial Economy +

I give a brief description of an idealized day for an indie sorta guy or gal. I also discuss the need for a stronger emphasis on craftsmanship in arts as a vehicle for economy and SANITY. Thanks for stopping by.   More articles and… Continue Reading “TAP # 7 – Time Management in a Post Industrial Economy +”

TAP # 6 – ‘Blogs are Bogus’ – Art, Technology, and Prejudice (Vlog)

It’s really easy to take content creators for granted. It’s really hard to stay sufficiently confident as a content creator. The two are sides of the same coin that we should understand in order to overcome.

TAP # 5 – Politics, History, and ‘Mountaineering’ (Vlog)

I share my worldview and belief that balance doesn’t have to be boring. The mountain of analysis is more exciting if you don’t lose your footing.

Smell The Bacon

Dedication For Miss Birdie my very own Eliza… Has everything been said? A lot of people presented with a blank page are familiar with this question. The answer is of course no. But, let’s for just a moment imagine that the answer is yes.… Continue Reading “Smell The Bacon”