Month: December 2017

Jobs, motivation, and cartoon squirrels.

I’m fond of the Foamy series which I’ve been watching since I was a teenager. I find that this episode I just stumbled across fits really well with the theme of some of my recent posts. There’s sometimes a bit of language and risque… Continue Reading “Jobs, motivation, and cartoon squirrels.”

PGP – Joey and Al – Thrift (Webcomic)

I like to doodle while I listen to podcasts in the morning. I definitely had a hiatus with doing that for a bit so it’s kind of messy at the moment. I draw in the Blitz style I learned from a book I picked… Continue Reading “PGP – Joey and Al – Thrift (Webcomic)”

Birdie’s Window and Did Crichton Float?

I do a song, and I’m going to be doing book reviews, so I thought I’d start with Sphere. This Michael Crichton classic is one of my favorite reads and I only just now noticed how it may be related to a float tank… Continue Reading “Birdie’s Window and Did Crichton Float?”

Instant Uploads and the Death of Magic?

I do a ramble about how the way that music and art are framed, in this case via recording medium, drastically effects perception. As well as raise the question of whether the ease of upload effects the process and magic of creating new songs.… Continue Reading “Instant Uploads and the Death of Magic?”

The Sort of Cold

Oh no. The common workers’ dilemma. What the hell is this tickling in my nose? Oh,  it’s now a burning in my throat. Well damn, it’s not too bad. I have a pretty good immune system. I guess I’ll go to work, wash my… Continue Reading “The Sort of Cold”

Learn to Love Uncertainty

  Learn to love uncertainty. That’s the best advice that I feel anyone can give. Especially today. Alright, so maybe not especially today since in a lot of ways today is more certain than days when you could get killed by the flu or… Continue Reading “Learn to Love Uncertainty”

Dead Bunny – An Uncanny Memento Mori

“The sensibilities of the hunter and the poet…” (Consilience – The Arts and Their Interpretation, page 237. Knopf) I did feel a bit like I was hunting and that I had been successful. The universe, that vague thing we allude to when we want… Continue Reading “Dead Bunny – An Uncanny Memento Mori”

TAP # 9 – Intermittent Fasting and Loop Control

I get loopy. Talking about syncing up your steering wheel with your gas pedal. These are sites that I consider to be fairly well sourced and reliable: That doesn’t mean I agree with or endorse everything they say. Simply that they are a good… Continue Reading “TAP # 9 – Intermittent Fasting and Loop Control”

Post Grunge Punks – Introducing – Lex Haxski

Post Grunge Punk is my doodly webcomic offering. I’ll try to make it into something more substantial as time goes on. Thanks for stopping by.

Man of Letters

Der Ding An Sich It really stuck in my craw. I remember standing there in front of the machine. It was a bizarre twenty-first-century machine still quaintly termed a Creel. My boss, the surrogate father of my room-mate and prep school buddy was telling… Continue Reading “Man of Letters”