Birdie’s Window and Did Crichton Float?

I do a song, and I’m going to be doing book reviews, so I thought I’d start with Sphere.

This Michael Crichton classic is one of my favorite reads and I only just now noticed how it may be related to a float tank experience he may have had. Feedback is always welcome and thanks for stopping by.

– Addendum: “After trying out several models, Perry settled on a tank that used 10-inch-deep water saturated with Epsom salts. He and his wife Lee opened a float center in Beverly Hills in 1979, renting out their five tanks largely to entertainment industry types. Michael Crichton came in to float when he had writer’s block. Eventually, Crichton bought a tank of his own.”

Nerdy Delights for Crichton Fans (everyone else too! good stuff here.)

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