PGP – Joey and Al – Thrift (Webcomic)

I like to doodle while I listen to podcasts in the morning. I definitely had a hiatus with doing that for a bit so it’s kind of messy at the moment. I draw in the Blitz style I learned from a book I picked up around 2006 when there were still bookstores.

PGP is an acronym for Post Grunge Punks. I actually am not a huge fan of the genre but feel that it places my age group and mentality in proper chrono-phenomenological (yes i am that pretentious) order.

Thrift shopping at places like Goodwill is popular in the states among trendies and this is loosely based on an experience I had. I feel that comics are a great medium for getting across skit style points. Hope you enjoy. And Happy New Year!

PGP - Joey and Al - Thrift

PGP - Joey and Al - Thrift SB2

PGP - Joey and Al - Thrift SB3

PGP - Joey and Al - Thrift SB4

The script for those who couldn’t read my caffeinated chicken scratch:

Alan: The Chavs need this Joey.

Joey: Buhh…I want it what are Chavs?

Alan: What are you gonna do with a mid 90’s toaster, commune with Thom Yorke via breakfast.

Joey: I want that toaster Alan and…what? Chezz?

Alan: I guess I fell asleep watching Top Gear again.

Joey: Yea BBC America was on when I came in.

Alan: How drunk was I?

Joey: No Nookie… and you kept talking about the anglo-zionist conspiracy.

Alan: I was David Icke drunk…shit….

Joey: Dude I never know what you’re talking about…Why should the chaffs get my toaster?

Alan: Because you’re a daddies money arts student and I’m a first generation immigrant living a Bohemian lifestyle you’re middle class and I would be too if I cared to castrate myself.

Joey: What?

Alan: We don’t need this junk! Chavs need this junk your mom gave you a toaster and bought your books, this is the only toaster Chavs can afford.

Joey: But it’s cute! And beige! And has the little chrome strip and I want it. The chaffs can get their own! What are Chaffzzz anyway….!

Alan: Chaffs are people who like soccer, boozing, swearing, and have low future time orientation!

Joey: I like soccer and booze! Orientation… are chavs gay? You shouldn’t pick on people Alan…my professor…

Alan: Looks at Joeys shirt and his face is lit by a brooding realization.

Joey: What….don’t look at me like that Alan!

Alan: “Nevermind” Said hurriedly as he hands her the toaster.

Joey: I’m so confused…

Thoughtbubble: Oh shit I’m dating an east ender.

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