Post. Grunge. Punks. (Webcomic) – Harshey’s! (hypothetical fatty)

PGP - Joey and Al - Hypothetical Fatty Take Two SB1

As a former smoker and nebbish reader of medical literature long ago in a land far away, where I fancied becoming a neurologist…

I must say that I do not condone it.

Medical School is terrible and produces self-important shills for the pharmaceutical…o that’s another post (and seriously go to Med School – unless you don’t want to) but yes…. Smoking is bad. Tres bad. You’ll feel like you’re drowning as you die after just one fag and you’ll smell like garbage too! After just one fag! Seriously though despite the hyperbolic anti-smoking propoganda’s silliness…SMOKING IS BAD…Quit…don’t start…

That nebbish guilt subdued…

A couple of beers though. That’s vital. That vitamin B!

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