Without a Name (Poem)

Image result for rosy sky above the ocean



You are my sweetest sunshine

You are my favored one

And clearly…O so clearly

We are far from done

Out where the sky is purple

Out where the sea is seen

I’ve locked within my fleshly chest

The record of a dream

My soul is calling fiercly

Crying loudly out for an embrace

…Of the fire that animates

The memory of a face

The tawdry passing of the years

Has worn away the monument

Yet nonetheless it still does stand

As testament

That the tears are not in vain

Despite this strain

Ah, how you loved a rosy sky

How its subtlety caught your eye

I gaze now at such a firmament

With bittersweet lament

With heaving sigh

And toilsome anguished cry

The lock is sprung the chest is rent

Engulf the crimson with a greater flame

With prosaics pierce through the Gordian knot of eternities sophistic trane

There entwine

All for the sake of those

Who loved

And died without a name

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