Sleep ‘Hack’

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I stumbled on this very common sense trick this morning.

I have a variable schedule that sometimes requires me to be at work at three am.

The importance of sleep cannot be overstated. A brief web query will confirm this.

Knowing well the effects of inadequate sleep and how they can sneak up on you, when you start to view a ‘sub-optimal’ (to say the least) state as normal, I feel it important enough to share my little trick.

It starts with the well known and obvious habit of laying out your clothes for the coming day by your bedside.

Most people are probably already aware of the benefit of preparing a minimalist protein-rich breakfast that you can wolf down with efficiency. (Or skipping it altogether, if you are accustomed to intermittent fasting and know how and if it will affect your performance at work and throughout the day.)

Even if you adhere to such disciplines consistently (and in so doing gain a tad more time to snooze) you might still get that morning fog that makes you groan.

I really felt it this morning and thought hey, yea….

‘I generally give myself an hour to prepare in the morning.

But today I’m not going to be reading the news and having my coffee I’m going to get some extra shuteye without drifting off into that oblivion that imperils your livelihood.’

So I got out of bed, put in my contacts, put on my work clothes, put the coffee pot on, and hopped back into bed setting my alarms (I have multiple alarms) for another hour of sleep. Leaving me just enough time to gulp down my caffeine boost and motor off to work.

It worked. I awoke feeling far more refreshed than usual and didn’t stay in bed too long. I gulped down some kefir for the protein essential for promoting and preserving wakefulness and went off to perform my duties with a clarity of mind that lasted all throughout the day.

Obviously, everyone is different and at different points in their life so adjust this advice according to your needs. I hope you found this helpful. Thanks for reading.

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