Forever Fluid – The Strange Case of Renewable Limits (Chapter One – Intro)

Chapter One – State of the Universe? 

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Has Thales been vindicated?

Perhaps this thought is owed merely to my own meager apprehension of physics but perhaps not. In recent times scientists have attempted to resolve two major models of the universe by proposing that it may, in fact, be fluid.

The cosmos has a flow. Groovy. This appeals to the hippie in me. Alan Watts being a patron saint of the moneyed unwashed once said that there are two sorts of folks. Those who believe that the universe is prickles and those who believe that it is goo. This, of course, refers to the famous dichotomy between artists and scientists (and everything else).

E.O. Wilson also touched on this in Consilience, painting the picture of the striving between those who see order and wish to make chaos, and those who see chaos and wish to make order.

Watts in his languid laughing way pointed to the obvious need for both sorts of people and for each person to strive to contain (retain) an admixture of both.

“The universe is gooey prickles and prickly goo!”

The interplay of order and chaos is of course fluid in nature. It is the eternal binary motion, the tick, and tock, that the east has colloquialized as yin and yang.

So yes, in the same way, that water reflects the faces that gaze upon it, it may reflect the core nature of the universe itself.

These are the introductory paragraphs to Chapter one of my book: Forever Fluid – The Strange Case of Renewable Limits

This first chapter should be completed in the next two weeks now that I’ve found some time.

The book itself will likely be published via Amazon or a similar service by the end of this year (or 2019 depending on circumstances). It will likely be an ebook but that’s subject to change.

Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate your time and hope that I’m able to bring some value to your lives.

Best wishes,

Alex V. Weir

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