Delight, Delight (Demo)


I came up with the main lyrical idea years ago. Round 2011 or so while on a hike.

Apologies for the strained vocals. I’m not a natural singer and it takes some serious concentration to do the dirty deed. As such it does come out a tad eh…


I’ve no need for apathy

For I’m in love with light


Branches of a tree

and how…

That dancing symmetry

On wings of evenings breeze

With such delightful ease

Is carried as a prayer

To heaven

Which is not so very far

From where you are

When only you

Deign recall the difference

Between great and small

Is not a difference

At all

ouh! ouh! Ouh x 2

I merge into the blue

Into the grand cascade

Here within this glade

The silvery tongues they sing to me

Lilting calling melody

A prosody

A novel in each crisp

Snapping of a branch

Though a chill rain it does drench

I love this place

I need this place

I will forever

Retrace the ever


One word

Delight, Delight

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