TAP # 12 – Win like a Winston (Vlog)

I talk a bit about the need for replacing your ‘dopamine hit’ activities with more productive pursuits. So instead of a beer learn a guitar lick etc. Though of course you’ll want to have that beer once in a while. Striking the right balance is what I’m aiming for.

Links n’ Such

  • Towards that end it’s good to have different creative and productivity outlets. Something that was called to mind by a post on Winston Churchill on this blog:


(I don’t think this is the exact article I read. I actually can’t find it and don’t have the time. But this has the same spirit and I hope you enjoy.)

  • Here is a similar website in terms of good advice:


The vibes from those sites are what got me goin’ on this little riff.


Addendum: “Sales is a transfer of energy.” That’s a thing I heard a lot a couple of gigs ago. “Sales is also a transfer of debt.” I thought to myself in my illfitting suit. Though some might think this vlog just another rah rah motivational they may be right. But so was my old boss. There is value in a transfer of energy.

IMO, This little vlog  is a much more useful transfer than convincing you to switch your cable provider. I also made sure to intersperse it with some pretty sound philosophies and facts.

Thanks for stopping by.

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