Transmission (Demo)

Seems I’m channeling my inner Weegy in that trv kvlt frame on the top right there…

I’m having technical difficulties and so to blend parts I had to use Kdenlive instead of Ardour. I guess everything has a silver lining since I can show off a couple of neat little features of this free, open-source, video editor. I used the vignette effect in the overlay violin video along with ‘binarize dynamically’ to give it that James Bond, 60’s gun barrel feel.

Though the video proper may make me liable for causing seizures, it’s comprised of two of my favorite effects: luminance, and old film.

Kdenlive also has audio editing tools but I only used the volume control to make the violin part (sic) quieter than the guitar and voice. I’d have done more and actually synced up the parts but things run a bit odd on this older HP. Though likely I just have to resolve some software dependencies.

So if you’re ever in a jam like me, with all your DAWs and even audacity refusing to work, maybe you can turn to Kdenlive. But, that’s really a super tertiary reason. The primary reason is that it is fantastic for editing videos. And it costs nothing.


As per usual the lyrics are based on a poem: Transmission (Poem)

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