No More, No More (Poem)

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How is all of the magic

Of an embrace

Worn away by the Idleness

Of passing from place to place

With the day to day

All we can say

Is come what may

What for

What for

The sound of nails in the coffin


What for
What for

Premetaurely entombed

In lily garlands
Of pallid

Acceptance of

This here and
No more

I still recall sweetly
How the light caught the water

And how very neatly
The sun kissed her daughter

In the fading limelight
To mark a brief passing
Amid dreams, time, and our dancing bones
Skeletal frame
Made quick by live dust
Yet we don’t erect stones

We no longer trust

In kisses
Or passion
Such fleeces

Are quiet out of fashion

Ah but why

What for

What for

That’s the mystery most high


What for

The coffin’s not even nigh


It is here

We’re in it my dear

Before our time
Because the magic slipped out
We’d found a strong rhythm a stolid old rhyme
We kept to the beat
Cause that’s what strength is about
Yet we no longer greet

The morning with a great expectation
In our rehearsed caress

There is no elation
I no longer see home

When your foot slips from under your dress

What for

What for

I have seen a vast garland
Stretching from aeons
In shadow in light

…gazing upon your delicate hand…
It gave my spirit fight

A sense of place in time’s sand

Yet now all I hear
Is yes, o yes dear

Each repetition is a hammer that cries ‘pon the nail

What for

What for

I’d try to see if there’s more for you or for me
But I’ve got a luncheon with Mr. O’ clock around Four

Will we ever find the door:

The door

To no more

No more:

What for

What for…

No more

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3 Comments on “No More, No More (Poem)

  1. I would like to say so much about this poem, but I won’t! It is ALL yours! Every unique tenderly put line! Bravo and Wow!

    Liked by 2 people

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