TFJ Vlogs – Business, Data, and Law: The Case for Oversight

In this ‘TFJ Vlog’ I discuss how the solution to many problems of technology like Big Data may not be technological but legal and societal.

I was heartened when I found out that the CEO of AT&T had mentioned the need for an ‘Internet Bill of Rights.’ I had long had the ‘Big Data/Privacy/Quality of Life’ conundrum milling about in my head. Especially after reading Cukier and Schonberg’s book. It was refreshing to see these issues being addressed from a policy perspective by a business interest.

Now I realize that as was mentioned in the Variety article that’s linked below, there are inconsistencies in AT&T’s behavior and the CEO may have self-interested motives. Nonetheless at least lip service is being given. Though we must of course call for much more.

Which will require us to look into the matter closely as it unfolds and educate ourselves on all its permutations.

Toward’s that effect here are the videos and background reading that I read in preparation for this post.

News Sites:

Big Data Book:
Tim Pool:


This is some truly glorious and informative kvetching from the illustrious Bryan Lunduke, on the subject of cell-phones, which is an issue directly related to the topic of this vlog.

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