Hanging with Cecilia – Moody Piano Impromptu and Poem

There’s a wee spider beneath my keyboard…


so I’m…

Hanging With Cecilia…

Lady Cecilia Meenor Spider spun her silken web

Lady Cecilia Meenor Spider controlled the flow and ebb

Of the weird ocean known as time

Even though lady Cecilia Meenor Spider was no greater than a Dime

Running up and down and back and forth

Up to the south

and down to the north

For gravity, she had nothing but derision

For all her, goings were her own decision

Lady Cecilia Meenor Spider

This masterful seamstress

Was a divine glider

Keeping the magic staying distress

Though the fly’s plight might seem tragic

When caught in her net

His permutation for her satiation

Is a communion without regret

Drunk on her poison feeling no pain

The six-legged flyer releases his soul but not in vain

For Cecilia spider has sent him on home

Where he’s a light beneath a magnificent dome

Thus is the keeping of time and its half

So darling don’t fear

For death is a laugh


Image Credits: https://torasaurr.deviantart.com/art/Fancy-Spider-334495559

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