TFJ Vlogs – Incremental Environmentalism, Resources, and Teacher Appreciation

In this little impromptu, I talk about the subject of water and how I became interested in it through not only E.O. Wilson’s excellent book consilience but a very colorful high school Earth science teacher.

This topic segues into a brief chat on wiser resource and energy practice where I present some fancy NASA designed insulation I just had installed at my home and describe how such incremental changes will form the bedrock of a sustainable society.

Sorry about the phone ringing in the middle and the lack of editing. I’m experiencing some software issues. Thanks for stopping by.

Check out my book in progress:

Yellow Blue –

Consilience –

Vice India/Water Documentary –

Porous Cities –

The views espoused above do not necessarily mirror my own. I just feel that these links will give you a good idea of some key concepts. I always encourage critical thinking.


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