Don’t Make It A Chore – Musings on Productivity

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The most effective solution to a discipline problem is to not make things too much of a chore. Don’t strain the neck, don’t grit the teeth, you don’t have to do it.

It would be better if you do it but it’s fine if you don’t.

This view, the view that you can either have a high grav or a yeungling will leave you with the flexibility and energy necessary to actually get things done.

Being locked in, that way definitely doesn’t help you get things done.

It robs you of energy as you try to find excuses or switch to other activities that are slightly less taxing but almost equally productive.

The reason for procrastination is that you view activities as taxing.

The reason that you view them as taxing is you grit your teeth and you anticipate an outcome. Don’t grit, don’t anticipate, flow.

A rhythm can’t be established if you’re trying to establish a rhythm. You have to let one beat lead to another. The rest will take care of itself.

A fit analogy for this would be tying your shoes. Do you strain or worry about the burdensome responsibility of the skilled labor of shoe-tying? No, the shoes very nearly tie themselves because one twist of strand, leads to another, one knot to another, one loop, to another, and the thing is done. It insists on itself through the intrinsic subtlety of a pair of strings.

Every activity has some subtle intrinsic aspect. Listen for it. Sound it out. And once you have a way to lock into the groove ride it like a gentle wave to a warm and sandy shore. This is the right way to get locked in.

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