TFJ Vlogs: Bavarian Mood – Metaphysical Backbone

  • In this TFJ Vlog, you will find a discussion of the need to develop physical and metaphysical stamina. Public discourse and effective inquiry require strength and character. Both of these are inextricably tied and I give some quirky examples of how to attain them.
  • Mortality and the prosaic nature of megadeath are mentioned as a call to greater vigor and reverence for the potential lost.
  • There is also some discussion of the environment, especially water, and agriculture and how profoundly it affects our lives.
  • Due diligence must be given to such weighty issues and I just don’t see it being done on a large enough scale. So I raise the need for a more public engagement.


The Poem – Typical (Poem)

Mr. Ramanujan –

Banqiao –

Wernesgrüner –


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