Post. Grunge. Punks. – Band Geeks – Part Two (Webcomic)

PGP - Band Geeks 2

Part One – Post. Grunge. Punks. – ‘Band Geek’ (Webcomic)

Since I’m using a mouse to draw and am pressed for time here’s a typed up transcript of the dialogue.  I think I’m going to draw with pen and paper until I get a Graphics Tablet. Thanks for stopping by.

Suit Guy: And in this pocket is a pair of tickets, the sickest of merch!

Suburban Badass: Hey bruh, a ticket, a band can’t live off of ticket sales.

Suit Guy: Uh, so we’re just gonna be Yuppies and compare the virtues of our spending habits?

Suburban Badass: Yuppie?! You’re the one wearing a suit!

Suit Guy: Facepalm!


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