The Dangers of Hipsterism

Sweatpants and Alpine Jackets

If you don’t watch the biggies like Game of Thrones – and anything with that much support is just too mainstream for your latte-stained beard to handle, you run the risk of accidentally plagiarising (sic).

Ok, this is a really ‘tongue in cheek’ post but as I do research for my book: Sketch of Sam Monroe, which you can read for free, as I write and post it, provided you’re old and mature enough to handle adult themes. I can’t help but keep stumbling onto references to a show called Stranger Things.

Like here:  (Post by A-Train Sports)

“Remember Stranger Things? Eleven’s mom was supposedly one of the MKUltra patients.

*Should be noted that the involvement of these men in the Nazi Party was wide-ranging, some were forced to work for Hitler, others were the voluntary card-carrying Nazi Party members.”

Just a few seconds ago.

There is also a really weird indie film on YouTube


which mentions ‘The Montauk Boys.’ Funnily enough, the Montauk Boys thing seems to play into Stranger Things as well according to some post I don’t remember.

Sure, drawing from a similar cultural well isn’t really plagiarism. But it still chafes my Chucks!

…I’m literally drinking craft beer right now….and I am ashamed….


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