Goldfish (Poem)


Image result for car sales

They think they’re strong

I see them every day

Through their shielding windows

On their foggy way

Little tiny minnows

Behind some moving glass

Never stung by arrows
Laughing as you pass

In their bowls

They feel pretty kinglike

These edges of their life don’t feel like controls
Fed and sated yea they have waited to never have to hike

And here they are

Going so far

Each one a star

With its very own motorcar!
Going, going so far, yet enthroned kingly seated

And they know they swear they know they’re strong

Never greeted
By suspicion of maybe… wrong

Go along get along so its meeted
From one bowl to the next
How fancy are your limits, lets put them on

Just shoot me a text

Afore the last bowl at the dealership’s gone…

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