Month: April 2018

The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 3.6 – Feijoada

Image Credit My hell was abruptly ended by a loud, “Senhor!” A tall, Latin-looking fellow, seeming to be somewhere in his mid-thirties was standing directly in front of me. “May I help you?” “Yes, you are Senhor Baird, am I correct?” “Sure, but don’t tell… Continue Reading “The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 3.6 – Feijoada”

The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 3.5 – Pensive

I was glad to be rid of that blasted tunic. Its exotic charm had faded quickly. I was glad for my jeans. I was glad for the feel of the cool tumbler in my hand. The tan liquid soothed as its familiar spiritual warmth… Continue Reading “The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 3.5 – Pensive”

Should Science be a business? (Vlog)

Sources Muh Social Help a Hipster

Water – The Case for Stewardship (Vlog)

  Yet another rough draft towards a more professional coverage of the state of water as a resource. Sources and Further Reading  • • •

This Strange Magic (Poem)

    This strange magic The dream remains Ah, to range through spells and mazes Sights that dazzle though mundane Meeting the eye that never glazes So, it’s So, and So… Keep the watch The flame of sight Don’t twist don’t stretch Realize the… Continue Reading “This Strange Magic (Poem)”

Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 3.4 – One Dream

We dumped our gear all around the weird antique and set up our shade. The last few days were listless. Reading, dreaming, and silence, that was the trip. We spent each night round the hole ridden tub. Impelled to be as near the thing as… Continue Reading “Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 3.4 – One Dream”

Chapter 3.3 – High and Dry

It had been a little over a week. Only five or so days of involuntary sobriety and contrived gravitas left. When we realized our predicament on the fourth or fifth day in, we were irrepressibly chatty. Now, however, there was silence. We seldom spoke… Continue Reading “Chapter 3.3 – High and Dry”

The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 3.2 – Loyola

“That fuck!” I exclaimed examining the small note that had been stuffed at the bottom of the Vicodin bottle. We were doing our mid-day reading and I was getting distracted by the gnawing pain in my ribs. It was sapping my will to live.… Continue Reading “The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 3.2 – Loyola”

The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 3.1 – Stardust

There were just four of us now. Pearce, Fabre, and Graham were gone. Pearce and Fabre’s absence made perfect sense. The NDA’s finalized, there was nothing more for them to do but go back to Kentucky. Honestly, I wasn’t sure why it couldn’t have… Continue Reading “The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 3.1 – Stardust”

The Dammed – Water, Beer, and not much Cheer (Vlog)

There’s so much ado with water that I’m having a hard time keeping up. One of the things is social impact which I discuss briefly in this vlog. For more information check out Jacques Leslie’s excellent book: