Month: April 2018

The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 2.15 – Apollo and Dionysus

“In the ancient near east shaving, your beard was a sign of mourning.” Thornton’s reply was placid. It took me a few moments to process the snark. “Should we be mourning?” “I’d say so, yes.” “O?” “You’ve suffered a loss.” “We have?” “Yes.” “What…

Alien Camping (Vlog)

Is our obsession with woo, and wooing up the wonderful concept of aliens the result of ennui due to a dwindling supply of mystery? …This wordsalad rhymed, therefore, it is valid.. as such, I am an interdimensional genius – McKenna told me so. Social:…

It is Vlog ~Better Life through Art

The first part is me putzing around then I kinda do: An impromptu vlog on how to engage with life through art. How art and the development of skills and serious self-expression shouldn’t be reserved for a select Olympian few.