Month: May 2018

Trump is the Future (Vlog)

…of discourse. Since today’s issues are really nuanced and we now have a technology that allows for instant international communication… Maybe its time to start getting policymakers to explain ideas and gain insight from constituents in real time. Maybe Trump is right. Social Media|… Continue Reading “Trump is the Future (Vlog)”

The Prosaic Wall – Part Two (Short Story)

      “Isn’t a bit early for that…” I grumbled aloud at the strong cigarette odor that had roused me from the haze of sleep. It was then that I realized the bed I occupied wasn’t a fold-out couch in a grungy little… Continue Reading “The Prosaic Wall – Part Two (Short Story)”

The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 4.4 – Bleached

“What people forget, you see, is that it’s a world.” Said Captain Reed between mouthfuls of strawberry shortcake. Everyone was silent. I sipped my coffee and wondered what he was getting at. “Everybody…thinks…they ‘know’…so they get sad…because they ‘know’…and so they’re bored…” The captain’s… Continue Reading “The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 4.4 – Bleached”

Linguistic Myopia | Art as Remedy (Vlog)

You can’t fix what you can’t describe…you can’t describe what you can’t see…A brief take on a problem I’ve been trying to pin down for years. I propose that a lot of the depression, ennui, and disaffection is due to a poor descriptive capacity.… Continue Reading “Linguistic Myopia | Art as Remedy (Vlog)”

The Prosaic Wall – Part One (Short Story)

I suppose that given my choice of title you are going to assume that this’ll be some sort of symbol-laden existential pontification. Hate to disappoint but today’s story is short on that sort of trendy ennui. The wall is not some hardly clever Floydian… Continue Reading “The Prosaic Wall – Part One (Short Story)”

The Harried Deadly Calm

        The smell of cheap tobacco had become my home. The cigarette dropped listlessly into the green glass ashtray. Uncanny how that thin finger could imbue dead leaves with such ennui. Thunder erupted from beyond the kitchen door. Outside a large… Continue Reading “The Harried Deadly Calm”

The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 4.3 – Ecclesiastes 1:18

There is a peculiar phenomenon common to all Pacific coasts. This volcanic anomaly is dubbed the Ring of Fire. It’s what was responsible for the Galapagos. And according to everything I had been able to gather in the first couple of days we were… Continue Reading “The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 4.3 – Ecclesiastes 1:18”

The Schlossberg Fractal (Vlog Version)

For those who have already read the article version: this is basically a video recap of the main themes. The only new information is a story from my high school days about how a kid shared an unpopular (and sadly true) opinion about the… Continue Reading “The Schlossberg Fractal (Vlog Version)”

The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 4.2 – The Genevive

The Genevive was large enough to support sixty-five people. With an endurance of two or so months. The German Navy’s newest toy, a SWATH hulled behemoth dubbed Planet, could only carry about forty personnel. This vessel didn’t seem to have much of a size… Continue Reading “The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 4.2 – The Genevive”

The Schlossberg Fractal

I run a website called The Fractal Journal. So I tend to see things fractally. Everyone does. Because everyone understands that no action occurs in a vaccum and is thus inherently multifaceted. There’s a New York attorney called Aaron Schlossberg who was recently the… Continue Reading “The Schlossberg Fractal”