Artie – Steampunk Concept and Musical Theme

The recording is a voice memo I left to myself Thursday night after listening to Matt Elliots drinking songs and trying to fall asleep. I also added a slideshow of hastily sketched concept art set to a little musical theme I worked out on acoustic guitar.

Story Introduction

Artie grew up in a grimy city. His toys always broke. The children of the better off would often mock him. He vowed that one day he would break all their toys.

He was good with his hands and a passionate tinkerer. A hobby that came from equal parts necessity and genius. With this gift, he would make toys, toys which soon sprang to life with the minutest whirring of gears.

When the machine wars came and society became even more bifurcated Artie would finally get to break all their toys.

Of his chief companions and tools is Cecilia a mechanical spider with highly dextrous arms abuzz with a Luddite itch. | Stories, Novels, Essays, Webcomics and more! | Follow me on Minds!| Support independent media.

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