Fractal Radio| Episode 9 – Jointly Venturing into Vanity Fair

I just received an issue of Vanity Fair as a free gift for my subscription to The New Yorker. I discuss some of the articles therein and do a series of riffs on various topics including those found in my most recent essay: Pop Psych Perils

Edit: Trink bis auf dem grund translates ‘to the bottom’ not without a reason. I’m pretty sure that’s correct. But I already messed up once so maybe better you don’t trust my attempts at worldliness.

Topics Discussed

Trink Bruder Trink


American Zen Revisited

Mail – Little Fears + Vanity Fair Why

Vanity Fair? | Because Hitchens

George Lucas

Howard the Duck!

Pop Psych Perils

Pop Evo Psych


My Psych Professor

Suits are Zen

Caution is Due Diligence in Science and Life

Maintenance and Progress

Fiddle Tune

More Vanity Fair

It Repenteh Tim Burners Lee

Fake News Discussion

Critical Thinking and Responsibility are the Answer Not Censorship

Plans for Future Content

Sketch of Sam Monroe Discussion

Psychedelic PSA

Virtues of Ascetic Discipline


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