Again Again (Original Lyrics and Song Demo)

The result of a brief little jam session I was able to squeeze in last night.

I made it on the fly and just now wrote down the lyrics for those who prefer poems to songs.

DAW (i guess it’s a DAW) – Audacity (Effects – compression, equalization, reverb (or echo IDR) )

Instruments – Guitar, Violin, Vocals


All the puzzle pieces are such familiar places

I use them to make traces of my past

And that’s the path I walk on

In repetitious circles

I just go round and round and round

Sometimes I think that

That I have found

 A line that is straight

But I’m still on the ground

I’m still going round

 O Yea

Wait a little while with me

Wait a little while and see

The magic of a symmetry

Of 3 and 6 and 0 degree


Is the wine any less fine

Just because you’ve tasted it

Once more

Once more

So come on by and knock on

And knock on my old door

So come on by and let’s sit

Let’s sit on my floor

Let’s pourout all the whiskey

Pour it into dirty cups

Let’s pull out a bit of a bit of something

That we never ever ever grow weary of

All these starry thoughts

Of forever… and above…. and beyond…. and between….

In the light of the trees

And the evenings cool cool cool breeze

I am waiting waiting you are waiting waiting

Why are waiting

Why are we frustrating

When we could

Be turning round as the wheel

And to feel what is real

Is the motion of eternal

Again … again

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