Read the Reed!

My next vlog about The New Yorker’s article regarding  LTL company Taser’s transition to the weapons, data, and analytics firm Axon is currently rendering. Given the specs of my backup system this is going to take two hours…

So in the meantime I suggest you read some thought provoking columns on ‘The Street Trades’ (Police, Fire, Paramedics) by the Author, Veteran and Columnist Fred Reed.

This is not light reading and may ruin your evening. Not because Mr. Reed isn’t roguishly funny but because he is accurate when describing rather grim situations.

As Axon would put it: ‘Expect Candor’ 

Image result for police beat fred reed
Mr. Reed’s Site (Click this.)

The following is a list of columns by Reed that I read in preparation for this week’s series.

Read the Reed!



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