Content Plan for the Week (9/12 – 9/16)

I don’t know if I’ll release these weekly but the past few days have been busy so I want to make sure that I at least put forth the effort to post. I believe in quality over quantity but I also believe that you can’t really develop quality without quantity. Tomorrow will definitely see a new section of The Sketch of Sam Monroe since I haven’t missed a T day (Tuesday or Thursday) in at least half a year.

 Potential Vlog Topics

– Amazon in general, and Amazon’s Bans of Roosh V’s Books

– Further analysis of Berners-Lee’s projects and internet freedom in general

– Further analysis of policing in the United States and Axon’s SaaS service (Axon is formerly taser)

– Social commentary on guru culture, get rich quick schemes, vague notions like ‘success’, education, and the weird weird world of modern ‘romance’

Potential Essays

– Global Warming/Climate Change and the issues this spotlight hoggin diva obscures

– Indie Writers Workflow

– More on the importance of sleep

Other Stuff

  • Getting back into Post Grunge Punks Webcomic
  • Further Developing the Artie Steam Punk Webcomic
  • More original music or classics recitals


I know it’s lame to post plans instead of actual content but I’m super pressed for time this week.  I might try to this at the start of every week to give everyone an idea of things they might wanna stay tuned for.  It’s  a good way to light a fire under my own ass. Or maybe just a bunch of false promises. Time will tell.

I appreciate each and every subscriber. Thanks for reading and commenting. | Indie Social Media Site | Support the Journal – I will always try to improve production wise independent of revenue generated through this content but every bit of loose change helps. Whether or not you choose to help out I appreciate your visit.

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