Month: October 2018

Dare I Raise a Song (Original Music)

Another little jam I was able to squeeze in. Hoping to squeeze harder tomorrow, more tunefully, and less like a stray cat that got too curious about the hobo’s little sack of powder. Squeeze is such an odd word. Seriously try to find a… Continue Reading “Dare I Raise a Song (Original Music)”

Daily Poem # 4 – Skip Barber Died (Song?)

  Straight from the tone-deaf arythmic brainhole of the Indie Yard Brigade. When all the Skip Barbers were gone There remained just one sad song When all the Skip Barbers were gone There was just one ring a ringing song And it sang and… Continue Reading “Daily Poem # 4 – Skip Barber Died (Song?)”

Is every corporation a pyramid scheme? (Vlog)

  …but seriously I think this goofy thought might contain some kernels of truth. Tell me what ya think. – Social media if ya like that sorta thing Email – – I’m horrific at reading emails but I will eventually. –… Continue Reading “Is every corporation a pyramid scheme? (Vlog)”

Fractal Radio | Episode 26 – The Useful Vlog!

…or so I hope. Just some odds and ends regarding pop psych and finger pointing. Also retro clothes! Topics Machiavellian Machinations or just gas? Sleep First World, Third World, Wank World – Undue Preening The horror of the soccer mom! | Email… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio | Episode 26 – The Useful Vlog!”

Daily Poem 3 – Alchemist’s Lament

They want magic to come from  unknown places As soon as the source is revealed There’s a frown on their faces Why! They collectively squealed. I could have done that! There’s no wonder For I too have a rabbit and hat Which leaves all… Continue Reading “Daily Poem 3 – Alchemist’s Lament”

Fractal Radio | Episode 25 – Carolina Weather, Death in New Jersey, and Nukes (O My)

Decided to dispense with the mic due to current hardware limitations making rendering an hours long nightmare. Topics – Weather – – Water – – Geetha Angara Death – – Trump’s withdrawal from Nuclear Arms Treaty with Russia – – Tech Addiction – –… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio | Episode 25 – Carolina Weather, Death in New Jersey, and Nukes (O My)”

Daily Poem # 2 – Very Well

Very well The chill descends like bedding Hospital corners tucked snugly round all sleepy hollows The metros also greet the pallid wedding The inbetween with all its bürgers also Follows Very Well In waves they flutter to their fires Depths assemble to drink the… Continue Reading “Daily Poem # 2 – Very Well”

Fractal Radio| Episode 24 – GNUsmas!

  Did you ever notice that Samsung backwards is GNUsmas. For you normies out there GNU = GNU is not Unix. Recursive acronym joy! Topics Gnusmas! Projects and plans Russia/Trump Ideological Bubbles The Word Gay Silicon Valley Mythology Vanity Fair uses too much Axe… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio| Episode 24 – GNUsmas!”

Daily Poem # 1 – Legerdemain

Ergonomic Economic Very frugal my legerdemain It’s a magic That is clicking Constant warmup …clock is ticking… You Won’t catch up It’s The brain Gotta balance some elixir esoteric as the East So you pop and so you stumble in the service of the… Continue Reading “Daily Poem # 1 – Legerdemain”

The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 7.5 – The Daughter of a Whore

  Dispensing with any sort of quackery I’d simply shouted, “Get out of here. This is my home. I am an Englishman and this is England!” After all the noise had settled and Betty had ceased whimpering I winked at Jones. He was still… Continue Reading “The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 7.5 – The Daughter of a Whore”