Deep End – Poem

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I take my time deciding

So learn to love eternal wading

Till we are

Floating in the deep end

Sending our starlight far

Patience isn’t indecision

Hey there Frances
Don’t check my vision

Follow my feet there’s dances

You can only learn to listen

You can not learn to do

For everything you hear

It surely will do you

So don’t you over hasten

Don’t burden yourself with more

Because I’m right beside me

Moving cross the checkered floor

Lift the veil of starlight free

Yes free the sun

Let it know that it’s the shaded squares

That have all of the fun

And if she squints sincerely dares

She’ll soon know shades are luminous
Luminosity is shade

They never grow too numerous

Or are subject to relativist blade

For here same is not equivocation
So dearest

Let’s share in the elation
Of an autumns’ pint of rest

In any age, country or station
How I love your rosy breast

But remember I am patient

And so you must as well

For if you make me play the parent

My lips will have but naught to tell

Yes wade on out with into the deep end

But don’t depend

Upon the end

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