Rush Job

94 Pound Beefcake - Video Clips - South Park Studios UK ...

I’m going to try to write a section or two of the Sketch of Sam Monroe in the next five hours. It is 9:32 PM here in the dirty south that means I’m going to be up till three cause I did promise. Reason I haven’t started earlier is Creatine Monohydrate. I’m currently trying to gain a little mass before peak season at my day job starts and also cause fun. Those of you aware of whey, creatine, and what happens when you use them along with exercise as intended know that I have had a shitty day (7 egg/beef tacos didn’t help). LOL. Sorry for that but its the truth.  If I fail I’ll post tomorrow and I also plan to write again on Tuesday.

I think what makes the most sense as minimal production deadlines for an ongoing series that requires research is to split it up into three/four day intervals. The Tuesday/Thursday model I was using is good for physical stuff like cardio days but produces sparse ass results.

Allright time to make some mint tea and get writing.

Image result for matcha mint tea
This stuff is amazing.

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