Month: November 2018

ia Ra (Poem and Song)

Poem Song – I’m the paleolithic hunter Imagination of the sun And I run And I run And I run through the air and the ether and the atmosphere The flame you become Tells I am near Lonesome is a fantasy Presence is reality…

Welcome to America (Vlog)

A Russian, Ukro-Pollak, with a Scottish surname launches into a brief discussion of multiculturalism, Global Warming, and more. Social Media | Tipjar |

Some Clarifications

  In my last vlog I talked about the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. I feel some clarifications are in order. I decided to comment on this because as a Russian-American with Ukrainian ancestory (my great grandfather is from Kiev)  the coverage of the…

What do you do?

  Seriously, this question…I can’t stop asking it. What the hell do these people actually do? There is so much bright polished steel on these roads, so many folks in restaurants, so many boats towed by some V12 monstrosity. I want people to thrive…

Crushing the Welsh rebellion!

  War is dumb.     Social Media | Tipjar |

Silence is Sterile

There’s a lot to be said for quality control. For doing our utmost to avoid lending support to something stupid or wicked. This noble inclination is however too often twisted into silence. Not a deep contemplative silence or even a sexy silence but good…

Sunday Medley One

More lazy musical offerings. Some may find it relaxing or something. Or so I hope.