‘Daily’ Poem # 11 – Bunt

Baseball Bunt Coverage Diagrams, Baseball, Free Engine ...

Odd and oddly

Sat in the dugout

Godless and godly

Reviewed their doubt

They would relax

When shadow and light


Sight within sight

Swinging the bat in the dark

In a game that is merely conception

They’re always trying to park

To escape the deception
Is it or isn’t it

This way or that

What is sitting and where will we sit

Where are the rules where are they at

I cannot find them no no

Well let’s make them up there’s only one hope

That can’t be so!

Don’t be a dope

There’s just one inning to go!

Is it that urgent?

Yes! Urgent and odd!

Is it emergent?

Yes, yes! Well isn’t that just a bunt from a God!

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