The Wheelbarrow isn’t designed to be a handcuff…

The purpose of technology is to overcome obstacles. When the candle became the lantern people were trying to more efficiently solve the problem of stubbing their toe in the dark. So how in the ever loving hell is it that with all of today’s technology I daily stumble along articles about overwork, low pay, hunger, etc.

I get that we’ll likely never reach utopian levels of technology and that these age old problems maybe inherently pernicious.

But that being said – the current state is absolutely the result of misapplication and mismanagement. We are not dealing with technological boundaries but boundaries of greed, sloth, and stupidity.

On this Thanksgiving day I raise a toast to the last vestige of freedom we have in the United States by extending my right and left arm high and proud…extending the middle fingers and telling each side to FUCK OFF…fuck off with their parties, their parades, and their attendant media appartchniks…and one mighty fart to represent my feelings about most ‘ALTERNATIVE MEIDUH’

Seriously..fuck off. And God bless America.

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