Daily Poem # 12 – Ruin

Doom & Gloom From The Tomb — Nick Drake - Second Grace If ...

Ya can’t

Well ya just can’t

I mean it

I don’t meant maybe

I meant it

That’s the way it’s the way it’s gonna be

And the way is  can’t

Yeah, you can’t do it

Take away my wonder

The way the sky will sit

As by fireside I ponder

With …without

Either or

Neither nor

I’ve cause to smile to shout

Yeah my romance

The notions

That you pretend are daft

Are oceans

That hold a swaying raft

Whose knotty holy hull

Will reveal will ever reveal

Glimpses of the all

So you can’t you just can’t you simply can’t

Take away

You’re too scant

To take the day

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