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Ukraine crisis: Inside the Mariupol base of the ...
Now I myself am a fan of runes (for nerdy Led Zeppelin reasons) but that my friends is not progressive symbology. It’s just so damned funny to see the dementedly PC western media hype this as some sort of ‘people’s resistance.’


In my last vlog I talked about the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. I feel some clarifications are in order.

I decided to comment on this because as a Russian-American with Ukrainian ancestory (my great grandfather is from Kiev)  the coverage of the issue by the western press and western perceptions in general seem incredibly stupid to me. Stupid in a dangerous way.

I’m not operating under the impression that I’m going to solve anything but sitting here listening to this drivel is driving me mental.

So here is my position on this issue presented as a set of bullet points.

1) The Ukraine should be independent.

2) The Ukraine should not be used by NATO and the EU as leverage against Russia.

3) Russian and Ukrainian history is closely linked. (See Kievan Rus)

4) Countries and unions that decry nationalist and populist sentiments reflexively supporting robust Ukrainian nationalism to the point of ignoring NAZI antics (Azov Battalion etc) is really tragically hypocritical.

5) The nature of the relationship between the Ukraine and Russia is similar to that of England and Wales. These nations share similar histories, borders, and (in the case of Russia and Ukraine) very similar ethnic makeup. So when NATO puppets and opportunists stir peoples sentiments  into violence and other provocative behaviors, a military response is unfortunately necessary. Such a response is not an invasion anymore than England putting down a contingent of hypothetical Welsh ultranationalists with dreams of EU money.

6) War is dumb. War between the Ukraine and Russia is even dumber.

7) I know very little about Putin or his policies however I do not trust anything the established Western press has to say about him. This is merely a reaction to events based on my own background and understanding of the region. I am open to other interpretations except of course the insane ones being pushed by countries currently bombing and drone striking goat herds in more places than I can name.

8) I have not been back to Russia since 1998. I am a naturalized United States citizen. I am in strong favor of more or less traditional forms of Constitutional government as they have been practiced in this democratic republic. I feel that the same background (Russian/Ukrainian/Polish) that makes me feel impelled to comment on this may also be viewed by some uncharitable persons as questionable. Hence this last bullet point.

Thanks for reading.  Here is Fred Reed on the matter :

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