What do you do?

Annoyed Yuppie


Seriously, this question…I can’t stop asking it.

What the hell do these people actually do? There is so much bright polished steel on these roads, so many folks in restaurants, so many boats towed by some V12 monstrosity. I want people to thrive and have all these things and more. But what in the name of holy Christ do they do?

I just don’t understand it. Well, I do in that it probably has a lot to do with credit but…fuck…

I’m bothered by it…by what they do…I understand jobs like Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer, Construction Guy, Cop, UPS guy…but how many of those are there in a given town….

Maybe if your entire lifestyle is based on credit and just enough post-secondary education to help land you a job you tenuously hold to repay that credit..maybe…just maybe…ya shouldn’t look so smug.

Life really is sketch comedy…

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