SIGHT (Poem)


Serious so serious
You are all so serious

Everything is lead

Mysterious yes mysterious
So mysterious and dead

Without gravity

Pomp and circumstance
How would longevity
Grace your arrogance

You call us fools

You call us clowns
We are but tools
To be herded by the fine gowns

But what if to be so serious

Is not mysterious at all
What if gravity is dangerous
And the reason for the fall

What if ouroborus was more accurate
Than you could predict

A bit less immaculate

Than an emanation of some cosmic writ

What if the serpent that feasts upon its tail
Is God’s commentary on priests who fail
To judge anterior from posterior
And spend all of their mortal days

Up their own ass far from wise Suns rays

O grim so grim is my delight
For its fun to play and tease and fuck and fight
For in the end neither might nor right makes right
There is only…there is only…there is only….

It is holy…lonely…holy…lonely…laughing….


This is nothing….

This is SIGHT





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