Submitted by J.D. Newsman – Free Car (Creepypasta Sorta) – Pt IV


The tale continues!

Sorry for the lag in uploading/creating. End of the year is a busy time and all the rest of my excuses etc..

Also sorry for the subpar voice acting… I really would have preffered getting some dudebros together but I’m far too spent ATM to herd the sort of cats I hang about with.

Anywho hope you enjoy and here’s the script just in case you’d prefer to read it.

Doctor Borowski – The following is somethin I was able to grab with my pen. I never thought I’d use this damn thing. Bought it as a vanity at some conference in Sante Fe years back. Little recording device that let’s you get around certain pesky patients rights legalese….never thought I’d use it…much less for good. Hell I’m surprised the battery still held. I feel like James Fucking Bond here…

Agent Bisby : I’m going to remind you again, just one last time, that your prescence here is due entirely to my good humor.

Doctor Borowski: (Sighs) I think you understimate the amount of leverage I yield. These are my patients.

Agent Bisby : Only one is your patient, and he is a possible criminal.

Doctor Borowski:

Alan Rickman : O gee I’m so fucking scared…listen you fucking armed accountant …

Docto Borowski : Easy Alan easy…

Alan Rickman : Alright…but just for you doc…this guy right here….

Docor Borowski : That’s enough Alan…

Doctor Borowski : Are you alright Mr. Hurst?

Frank Hurst: “Alright…hahahaa…yea…”

Agent Bisby“Can you tell us what happened?”

Alan Rickman: Can anyone tell anyone anything?

Agent Bisby: Get real man.

Alan Rickman: Yea, real…ok…let’s talk reality…what do you know about Alexandria?

Agent Bisby: I’m not here for a history lesson.

Alan Rickman: I don’t think that you have a choice. You’re gonna have to humor me. Or at least that’s what you can tell yourself Mockingbird.

Agent Bisby: (after a moment of silence) Hey! Don’t call me that…

Alan Rickman: (Laughs derisively)

Agent Bisby: Trust me buckoo…ya don’t scare me one bit. I’ve seen way weirder shit than that…

Alan Rickman: That’s rather inconsequential…and…you still haven’t answered the question. What do you know about Alexandria…

Agent Bisby: It’s a city in Egypt…what about it…it’s history, the burning of the library….what?

Alan Rickman: The library.

Agent Bisby: Well, what about it? First it was accidentaly burned by Ceasar, then fell into pedantry, then was finally eradicated by Islam.

Alan Rickman: Quaint. Very quaint indeed, but I think you know better….

Agent Bisby: If you mean that paganism and platonism survived, that many libraries existed throughout the mediterannean, then yes…if you mean something else…

Alan Rickman: O I do.
Agent Bisby: I’ve never been one for guessing games.

Alan Rickman: What is theurgy?

Agent Bisby: Voodoo.

Alan Rickman: (laughs) What is demonstration?

Agent Bisby: What I’m doing now…demonstrating patience. A feat growing more and more difficult by the second.

Alan Rickman: I meant etymologically…what is demonstration?

Agent Bisby: I’m aware of the oracle of Delphi…what is your point…

Alan Rickman: My point is that there was a point to the specific destruction of the Alexandrian Library.

Agent Bisby: Alternative history is a great made for TV special but it ain’t got a thing to do with your crime.

Alan Rickman: (Laughs) My crime?

Agent Bisby: Yes, you may recall that you kidnapped and maimed Frank Hurst.

Alan Rickman: (Chuckles) Is that what he told you? That I kidnapped him.

Agent Bisby: No he has trauma induced amnesia.

Alan Rickman: And what did the good doctor here tell you.

Agent Bisby: I don’t for one instance believe that you plucked Mr. Hurst from thin air.

Alan Rickman: What in the doctors record indicates that he is prone to lyign, fanciful stories, or any particular afffinity to me?

Agent Bisby: Well nothing…

Alan Rickman: And you say you’ve seen strange things…

Agent Bisby: I am not the one being investigated right now…

Alan Rickman: And what is now?

There is a great whirring sound.

Agent Bisby and the doctor gaze around a field in astonishment.

Agent Bisby: This…this…this is my dad’s ranchouse…this is our…our pasture…our gate…

Alan Rickman: (Chuckles) I kept the docs furniture to make sure you remained in a comfortable psychoanalytic mood…

Agent Bisby: What…what the hell is I some kinda guniea pig here…was this the superintendents idea…I want answers damn it..

Alan Rickman: O come now…I don’t think you need an external authority to provide you with answers. You have yet to answer my question what is now? Let…me give you a hint…how is it that I was able to see Frank Hurst all these years? | Social Media | Tipjar

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