O Francis – (Poem)

The cherries that you bought at the super market

Were almost as sweet as the fleet way that you share a cigarette

In smoky whispers that decay regret

O and never will I never will I cry

From this moment on

There is only a glad song

Deep within my breast

I’ll stay high at last without a feast or fast

Ah, the memory so neatly tied so tidy

Ever in my brain

Balm for every pain

O Francis

Let loose your chances

let’s have wild dances

Out there in the rain

Yes I am again

I am again

For I have nothing more to gain

Tender is the moonlight dappling the morning

As it fades to sunlight

I look at stars which twinly are more bright

O my chief delight

O Francis

let loose your chances

Lets have wild dances

Lift another cup

For there is no faith but up

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